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    Solaris 10 upgrade fails with "mount failed"

      I'm trying to upgrade an aged Ultra 80 to Solaris 10u9 (from Solaris 10u2 or so), so that it can be used for our product testing purposes. After several unsuccessful attempts, I finally freed up enough space on the / filesystem (5.2GB free) by moving /opt to a newly installed second drive.

      However, the upgrade now fails with
      "Mount failed for either root, swap, or other file system.
      Pfinstall failed. Exit stat= java.lang.UNIXProcess@e2892b 2"

      At the end of the log file it says
      "Checking c0t0d0s0 for an upgradeable Solaris image.
      ERROR: Mount failed for either root, swap, or other file system."

      I'm stumped. It doesn't say which file system it's having problems with.

      Any ideas as to how to troubleshoot this problem, or what the cause might be? At 30 minutes per upgrade attempt, I'd like to know what the cause is rather than pursuing trial and error.