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    Executing single blocks of code where mulitple blocks exist

      When I enter just SQL statements as single blocks of code, and then Run Statement (Ctrl + Enter), only the statement where the caret is executes. So, enter 6 SQL statements (semi-colons at the end of each) and place the caret on any one of them and Run Statement. Just that statement is processed.

      When the code blocks include any PL/SQL with SQL, when I Run Statement the entire page of code executes - whether executing PL/SQL or SQL blocks

      I am entering this on a SQL page, but even so, the PL/SQL executes on its own on a SQL page. So I'm thinking that the Run Statement should still run only the statement where the caret is.

      I've just started using SQL Developer again and I'm sure my older version allowed this. So could this be a setup issue in the version I am now using ( ?

      Any ideas/suggestions?