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      [offstage left] Tap, tap, tap; is this thing on?

      [offstage right] sound of crickets
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          The following might be related: http://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/mysteries/cricket.html
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            Sorry for not posting anything right after this forum was created - things were a tad bit hectic as you can probably tell by the recent posts on the Oracle Linux blog :)

            In any case, we would like to establish this forum as the platform to discuss and exchange feedback on ongoing beta tests of the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and Oracle Linux.

            We just published a new set of RPMs to public-yum - see this blog post for more details: https://blogs.oracle.com/linux/entry/updated_unbreakable_enterprise_kernel_release
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              Johan Louwers
              I do think this part of th forum might need to get some more visibility as it is quite.... Euuuu abandoned at the moment :-)

              Johan Louwers.