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    Informatica Logic for Balance_Global1_Amt column in W_GL_BALANCE_F table.

      Can anyone help me with the following scenario?

      I get no data populated in Balance_Global1_Amt column of the W_GL_BALANCE_F table.
      Can anyone help me in Identifying the logic as I am not able to figure out the logic in the transformations of the SDE_PSFT_ExchangeRateDimension Mapping in informatica.

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          Andy Coates
          Hi Nikki,

          Have you configured global currencies as per the documentation?:-


          The SIL mapping SIL_GLBalanceFact populates the fact table and the global currency columns. Exchange rates are looked up from the table W_EXCH_RATE_G; global rate types and currency codes are populated from the DAC parameters into the table W_GLOBAL_CURR_G. For E-Business Suite the warehouse exchange rate table is populated by the ETL as standard. I am not sure about PeopleSoft so you will need to check the SDE mappings. If it is not populated, you will have to create a mapping to populate it with the necessary exchange rates required to create global amounts and set the DAC parameters (as per the manual section above) accordingly. If the DAC parameters have not been set and/or the W_EXCH_RATE_G table is not populated then this explains why you are getting NULL values in your global amount columns.

          I recommend that you investigate the mapping SIL_GLBalanceFact, especially the mapplet MPLT_CURCY_CONVERSION_RATES1. It is important that you understand what is happening in these objects to see how the global currency columns are being populated. W_EXCH_RATE_G is used to get exchange rates for a given currency and date, so you also need to make sure that exchange rates exist in this table for all of the given transaction dates.

          The following section from the BI Apps manual may also be of interest:-


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          Re: Insert records into W_EXCH_RATE_G table.

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            Ahsan Shah
            So is the issue for sure w the SDE_PSFT_ExchangeRateDimension mapping? Trace the lineage for the ETLs and see why the value is showing incorrectly for the BALANCE. If you can provide this, we can assist further...
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