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    Setup Assistant Tool

    Carlos Benassi
      While testing an Agile PLM For Process v6.1 fresh install, on a Microsoft Server 2003 server, I faced a DRL issue, the message said something like: “Server Error in '/drl' Application. Microsoft.Web.Services2.Security.SecurityFault: The security token could not be authenticated or authorized ---> System.Exception: WSE565: The password provided the SecurityTokenManager does not match the one on the incoming token...”.
      I could figure out that I should run Setup Assistant to fix the wrong password (Security Token). I edit the SetupAssistant.exe.config file to connect to an Oracle DB. When I tried to run the SetupAssistant.exe it just didn't show the interface up.
      Again I figured out that in the file properties, on Compatibility Tab, that was a check in the option Run this program in compatibility mode for:. After uncheck this option, the Setup Assistant run properly.