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    WebLogicBridgeConfig showing wrong status of managed server!!

      Hi All,
      I have a WLS domain with 1 cluster and 2 managed server and apache 2.2 server acting as a front end proxy. I have enabled WebLogicBridgeConfig in apache to get the run time statistics of my Managed server. When I shutdown the managed server, WebLogicBridgeConfig URL shows the correct status as down. But when I moved a Running managed server to admin state the status is showing as Ok. Is it because the subsystem health state is showing as Ok? I have enabled DynamicServerList On so that the plugin uses the server mentioned in WeblogicCluster parameter get to runtime information from the WLS cluster whenever the Server is marked as dead or a new server is being added in the cluster. Can somebody answer the below doubts which I have. Thanks you.
      1) Why Managed server is not showing the status as down in WebLogicBridgeConfig URL when the MS server is in admin state?
      2) I see the apache fwd the request to the MS which is in admin state. Any particular reason the WLS plugin fwd the request to the bad node.
      3) Is there any way to fix this issue?

      Status when my managed server is in admin state

      WebLogic Server Plugin version 1.1, <WLSPLUGINS_11.>
      Query String: '?__WebLogicBridgeConfig'
      WebLogic Cluster List:
      WLRetryAfterDroppedConnection: 'ALL'
      General Server List:
      1. Host: '' Port: 8001 SecurePort: 0 Status: OK
      2. Host: '' Port: 8004 SecurePort: 0 Status: OK

      mod_wl.conf snippet

      ConnectTimeoutSecs 10
      ConnectRetrySecs 2
      Debug ON
      DebugConfigInfo ON
      WLSocketTimeoutSecs 2
      WLIOTimeoutSecs 300
      Idempotent ON
      FileCaching ON
      KeepAliveSecs 20
      KeepAliveEnabled ON
      DynamicServerList ON