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    License of Database on Cloud


      We have planning to deploy our ERP Application on Cloud (With Cloud Provider), and we use Oracle for database.
      So we want to ask about Licenses Required of database if we want to move our Application to Cloud. Becouse that's issue for our cloud provider.

      We need this information as soon as possible.

      Thanks & regards,

      Iwan K
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          Dimitri Gielis
          You just pay for the Cloud service, which includes the Oracle database license.
          So you don't need to pay for that separate.
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            Please be aware that we do not allow access to the Database Cloud Service through SQL*Net, which is typically the way you would connect. You can only access the Database Cloud from outside the Cloud using RESTful Web Services, so the architecture you describe may not work.


            - Rick Greenwald
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              correct me if I am wrong, but if someone purchases the appropriate license/subscription for an Oracle Cloud Database they do not require any further Oracle Database license even though they must run their own local Oracle database in order to develop and maintain the schema they wish to deploy to the Oracle Cloud using Oracle SQL Developer?
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                Hi Josh -

                Kind of right. You do not need any other licenses for Oracle products to use the Database Cloud. You can develop your schemas directly in the Database Cloud using tools that are a part of the Application Express environment included with the Database Cloud.

                You can use another Oracle Database to develop schemas and use SQL Developer to move these to your Database Cloud Service. If this were, for instance, Oracle XE, both that and SQL Developer are no cost downloads.

                So your choice, based on your working processes.

                Thanks for your interest.

                - Rick Greenwald