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      Hi all,

      am working ipad application in ATG 10.1.0, facing a problem, didn't get the array of FacetSearchTools.facets. in crs its working. in adapter module its not working. In ATG10.0.3 its working both crs and ipad application, after migration to ATG10.1.0 am facing.

      <json:array name="categories">

      *<dsp:getvalueof var="facetHolders" bean="FacetSearchTools.facets"/>*

      <c:forEach var="currentFacetHolder" items="${facetHolders}">------->its not going inside the for loop

      <dsp:param name="currentFacetHolder" value="${currentFacetHolder}"/>

      <dsp:getvalueof var="facetName" vartype="java.lang.String" param="currentFacetHolder.facet.label"/>
      <dsp:getvalueof var="facetId" vartype="java.lang.String" param="currentFacetHolder.facet.id"/>
      <dsp:getvalueof var="facetProperty" param="currentFacetHolder.facet.refinementElement.property"/>

      <c:if test="${facetProperty != 'ancestorCategories.$repositoryId'}">
      <%@include file="facetCategory.jspf" %>



      "err": "",
      "categoryId": "cat170017",
      "addFacet": "",
      "facetTrail": "trail=9004:cat170017",
      "removeFacet": "",
      "appliedFacetTrail": "9004:cat170017",
      "sort": "numprop",
      "facets": [

      "categories": [
      here category is not getting
      "products": [
      { // *here getting  products*

      "numResults": "7",
      "q_pageNum": "",
      "pagesAvailable": "1",
      "viewAll": "true",
      "docSort": "numprop"

      normal keyword serach is working in ipad application. eg: shirt

      same functionalities in crs, its getting the array of facets

      please suggest some points

      thanks in advance