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    [SQL Developer 3.0.04] Cannot Drill Down

      In my connections tab, once I can connect, I see a list of database objects with expandable plusses. However, when I click on a plus, I don't get anything under it (e.g., a list of tables). I'm going against an Oracle 11 normal database.

      Is there a setting I've missed in the tool, or is this my security access. I seem to be able to execute the SQL I need.
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          Is there a setting I've missed in the tool, or is this my security access
          Normally that would be a security issue - you don't have the privileges on those objects.

          Create a normal connection for the SCOTT user. You should be able to view the standard sample tables. Post the results.
          Test using a sql*plus connection also to confirm that you can view the standard tables; e.g. DEPT and EMP.
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            Gary Graham-Oracle
            Hi Gary,

            You have described a variation on theme that can be found in many posts on this forum. You may want to try out the most common fixes:

            1. Make sure you are not pointing to a Java 7 jdk in your sqldeveloper.conf file. Using the latest jdk1.6.0_xx update is recommended.
            2. Try restarting SQL Developer after removing its system directory (but only after first backing up your connection information!).
            3. Rather than (2), alternately you could download the latest SQL Developer (, unzip it into an empty directory, and start it up.

            If you decide to go with (2)
            A. Back-up the connections by right-clicking on the Connections node, select Export Connections..., then follow the Export dialog.
            B. Exit SQL Developer.
            C. Either delete or rename the system directory. On Windows 7 for SQL Developer, for example, it can be found at:
            C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system3.0.04.34
            D. Launch SQL Developer and import your connections.

            If you decide to go with (3), you can either migrate settings from an earlier SQL Developer install or not. If not, doing (2A) may be convenient if you prefer to import connections rather than re-enter them manually.

            One of these approaches usually resolves the issue.

            Gary Graham
            SQL Developer Team
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              Installed again, and it works OK. Was/still using JDK 1.6 Thanks