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    RAC Setup with local storage and one network card

      Hi guys,
      I am a really beginner in the Oracle VM world.

      First I do an installation of Oracle VM server and VM Manager. The OVM manager will be hold in an seperate Oracle DB.
      Yes the setup was okay and now I am ready to implement some virtual machines.

      For test purposes I try to build an RAC on the following hardware.

      It is a single server i5 core 3Ghz, 4 local SATA disks, one network adapter and 32 GB RAM.
      So I have a local storage pool with 3 data repositories each 500GB.

      Could I implement a RAC environment on this hardware?

      How is it possible to create "shared disks" for RAC? Do I have to setup iSCSI or OCFS2? Is this possible on the local disks may be the data repositories?

      What about the VNIC's? I need Public, Privat and so on. What will be the best setup for this? VLAN oder VNIC's?
      in advance many thanks

      kind regards