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    APEX: ERROR ON PAGE : Too many arguments passed in

      I wanted to open this thread up to help others possibly solve this issue.

      We got this error and none of the solutions found helped. This is because the proposed solutions depend on the version of APEX you are using and the web tier. The solutions previously assume the EPG tier solution which is not used here and not reccommended for use with E-business because of security concerns.

      If you use http server, then it also depends on that release version. Solutions seen in OTN are for older versions. For Oracle Web Tier 11.1.5+, you need to change the proposed solutions a little or your app server will not come up.

      Here is what you should do for http servers which are on 11.1.5 or higher.

      The keyword is OUTSIDE.

      1. Increase value of parameter "PlsqlMaxParameters" in file plsql.conf.

      a.Backup the file $ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/conf/plsql.conf
      b.Locate other Plsql* Directive (e.g. PlsqlLogDirectory) OUTSIDE the directive.
      c.Add the following line at the same place:

      PlsqlMaxParameters NNN
      where NNN is the number of parameters you wish to be the upper limit for a single PL/SQL procedure.
      d.For example, if you want to allow for 4000 parameters instead of the default of 2000, the following line should be added:

      PlsqlMaxParameters 4000

      e.Restart the HTTP Server.