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    running Oracle 11gr2 RAC on vm.

      Hi, i am learning RAC now. I am planning to setup a lab environment at home. My plan is running 2 VM on a host PC.

      Host PC: Windows 7 + VirtualBox
      VM: windows 2008 + Oracle 11gr2

      i knew i can setup shared disk in VirtualBox, so i don't need a NAS.

      my question is: what's the installation size for the VM (windows 2008 + Oracle 11gr2)? the reason i ask, because I did the math: host is about 30gb, shared disk is about 20gb, if VM is also under 30gb, i can setup the lab on a single 120gb SSD.
      Also, how much RAM needed on each node?

      is it less disk space\RAM required if i choose OEL + Oracle 11gr2 on the node?

      thank you in advanced.