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    Custom workflow for manual merch projects

      Having issues in configuring custom workflow.

      In ATG10.0.3 created a custom workflow(editCommerceAssets.wdl) & configured with catalog import job (importing thru spreadsheet & creating a Merch project).This works successfully.
      I am trying to configure this custom workflow for manually created projects in BCC.
      In the following files I tried replacing commonWorkflow.wdl to editCommerceAssets.wdl.


      But getting this error in pub console:
      10:13:23,195 WARN [ActivityManager] The workflow activity with ID /Common/commonWorkflow.wdl has been registered multiple times for the same workflow. Please verify your workflow
      configuration as this is not allowed.
      10:14:40,453 ERROR [ApplicationManager] There is no application configured with ID '/Common/commonWorkflow.wdl'.

      Any recommendations?


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          karthik chopperla
          It is possible that the workflow has already been registered in db before you modified workflowActivities.xml.Did you try cleaning up workflow tables and restart the server??

          epub_workflow_info, epub_coll_workflow, epub_ind_wf,epub_wf_server_id tables

          Make sure there is only one entry for each workflow in epub_workflow_info. If there are multiple entries, then it may be coming from 2 different places and you need to disable one of them. Whenever you create custom work flow, copy the existing workflow and modify it and give it a different name. If you are importing programmatically, you really dont need to configure it in taskConfiguraiton.xml ( as it corresponds to settings related to which item-descriptors, tabs, security in BCC gui).

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            #1.I see only one entry in epub_workflow_info.
            #2.For importing programatically , I did customized the workflow(editCommerceAssets.xml) but didn't assign to taskConfiguration.xml
            #3.Please share how to assign the customized workflow to the merch projects created manually thru BCC.