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    Generate report in OEM


      I'm having a problem in generating a Tablespace usage report through OEM, not sure if am missing something while doing this.

      Oracle Version :
      OS : Linux

      I used the option of create like from the original tablespace usage report provided by oracle, I gave the target name and provided the mail address and scheduled it. I'm getting the mail with the report format I specified but the data is always empty. I did this using my ID created in OEM. My questions are :

      1) Should my ID have any special privileges granted to do this
      2) I thought when I use the create like option, new report will take the script required for getting the tablespace usage data from this. Is it wrong? Should I provide any script as input to do this , like we do for a job
      3) Target(Server) have multiple databases on it, I want the report to be generated for only one database, I dont see an option to specify one database from multiple on that host. How should I achieve this?

      Thanks in advance
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          easier way :



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            Thanks for those links.

            But I have the script with me already, I have a requirement to mail the tablespace usage report to some users, I dont want to do it manually or though the unix shell script using the mailx client. I want to do it through OEM.
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              1-setup and than provided the smtp server and my email .then i click on the testmail i reviced the test mail.
              2-preferences and provided database instances and host information.
              3-rule > there is already 4 -5 rules.> choose which one you want > and clicked the edit button
              4-set the tablespace usage to what you want.
              5-set set ALERT METRICS

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                Courtney Llamas-Oracle
                I assume you are talking about Oracle Database Space Usage report.

                The following options should work, as long as you have permissions on that target:
                select report
                create like
                update report name
                in target section, select "used specified target" and select the database you require
                click the check box for Run report using target privileges of the report owner
                click on schedule tab, select schedule report, run immediately
                check email report box and enter email info
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                  Yes, I was trying this option for oracle space usage report, I did all the steps you gave here, but when I select the target name, it doesn't prompt me to select the instance name.