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    Sort measure on bar chart


      I'm using OBIEE BP1 and I can't seem to be able to sort a bar chart by my measure value. I created a simple report with the Sample Sales subject area just to exemplify my problem. I have selected Year, Product Name and #Orders as my measure and then added a sort ascending on the measure column.

      If I use my measure in the vertical axis, the year on the horizontal axis and the product in the vary color by section the sort isn't applied. The sort is only applied if I place both dimension columns on the horizontal axis (see link with image). Any reason why this doesn't work the way I would like?


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          Hi Pedro,

          if you add a report field to the Vary Color By, you are asking OBIEE to show many different trends for each of the items in your Vary Color By report field.
          What you want is just one trend, hence you should leave just Measure Labels in Vary Color By and add the field that you wan to trend by to the Group By section.

          Now, I am trying to understand whether what you are after is treding of the # of Orders by Product by Year (meaning you want a separate low-to-high list of Products for each year),
          or do you actually want the low-to-high Products list just for the year 2008?

          If it is the first option, add Year to the Vary Color By section.
          If it is the second, remove the Year column from your graph and add a year filter to your query.

          Janis R
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            Hi Janis,

            Thanks for your reply. I guess the best way to show you what I'm looking for is to give an example I used in the 10G version. As you can see in that chart I used the measure in the vertical axis, time on horizontal axis and the brand name on the legends axis and I have that result. I'm looking to get something similar in 11G.


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              Hi Pedro,

              Sorting functionality is different in 11g compared to 10g. This is the statement from Oracle

              "Measure-based sorts are not implemented completely for pivot tables and graphs in 11g. Graphs do not provide user-interface elements to emulate measure-based sorts. This is a restriction in 11g, and you can use workarounds to resolve sorting issues."

              Looks like you have recently upgraded from 10g. Before you discover more surprises in 11g UI, look into "Possible changes after upgrade" section in upgrade guide,


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                Thanks Dkpa