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    NLS_LANG set but still see square boxes instead of £ sign

      I am using SQL Developer 3.0.04. I have set up the environment variable NLS_LANG = AMERICAN_AMERICA.US7ASCII which is the same setting as the database.
      But when I use SQL Developer to run, say the following query
      select '£', chr(163) from dual;
      The results show as two square boxes.

      In SQL Developer if I go HOST echo %NLS_LANG% I get back AMERICAN_AMERICA.US7ASCII.

      Is there any other setting, perhaps in OCI that is not getting through?

      I have read everywhere that all I have to do is set NLS_LANG and that does the job - but that's done. I've also checked my registry and searched for NLS_LANG and made sure it's correct. So not sure where else to set it or what else to try.

      This is happening on all my Windows based tools, SQL Navigator and Oracle BI Admin Tool.