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    In standby db, can't find sequence number of Last Applied Log.


      Standby database is behind the primary database for over 200 hours, to repaire this, we are using a incremental backup from primary database and a restored control file.

      after starting up standby database, in Grid Control (OEM), can't find "last applied log" sequence number,

      go to that standby, do

      standby> select max(sequence#) from v$archived_log where applied='YES';


      go to primary,


      SQL> select max(sequence#) from v$archived_log where applied='YES';


      then using OEM grid control, to Verify checks various standby database settings.

      Connected to instance standby_server:standby

      Starting alert log monitor...
      Updating Data Guard link on database homepage...
      Skipping verification of fast-start failover static services check.

      Data Protection Settings:
      Protection mode : Maximum Performance
      Redo Transport Mode settings:
      primary.com: ASYNC
      standby.com: ASYNC

      Checking standby redo log files.....OK

      Checking Data Guard status
      primary.com : Normal
      standby.com : Normal

      Checking inconsistent properties

      Checking agent status

      Checking applied log on standby........WARNING:
      Timed out after 60 seconds waiting for log to be applied.

      Processing completed.

      so how to fix this?

      thanks you very much.

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