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    endeca: Content type

      What is the content type in experiance manager,and it is will usefull (we specefy that in the xml file also)

      thank you.

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          Experience Manager stands for former workbench (where you configure merch rules, stopwords, theseaurus but also manage scripts, hosts (although not very recommended) view reports from log servers) all those come as xml files.
          former pagbuilder which helps creating templates is now an Experience Manager extension.

          not sure that this answers your questions. if not, what did you want to inquire about ?

          Edit (Oups... see post below for complementary info, apparently I did not understand what happened with Experience Manager release ....:0) !! take a look at official documentation for a more precise info )

          Oracle Endeca Experience Manager consists of several core packages and several optional
          components. This guide focuses on working with the core packages and the Deployment Template.
          Core packages comprising Oracle Endeca Experience Manager:
          • MDEX Engine
          • Platform Services
          • Workbench
          • Content Assembler API for Java or Content Assembler API for the RAD Toolkit for ASP.NET
          Optional packages:
          • Endeca Deployment Template
          Note: This guide assumes that you have downloaded and installed the Endeca Deployment
          • Developer Studio
          • URL Optimization API for Java
          • URL Optimization API for the Endeca RAD Toolkit for ASP.NET
          • Endeca Content Acquisition System
          • Endeca Document Conversion Module
          To determine the compatibility of Endeca installation packages, see the Oracle Endeca Guided Search
          Compatibility Matrix available on the Oracle Technology Network.



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            Kristen G-Oracle
            Hi. That isn't quite correct. Endeca Workbench is still called Endeca Workbench and Page Builder has been renamed to Experience Manager which is a separately licensed product.