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    Proxy Service Deployment in OSB


      I Have a requirement where i wnat to deploy same Proxy services with deferent versions. i dont wnat this to be reflected in my service name. so what i am doing is
      creating deferent folders like v1, v2 and deploying the same service in bothe thse folders having endpoint URI deference in v1, v2.

      i am bit curious to know if there is any impact to run time proxy instances as bothe of them are same. i just want to confirm before hand that there are no conflicts in run time behaviour of Proxy service.

      any sugestions and answeres well appriciated.

      thanks in advance
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          Todd Little-Oracle
          Hi mr,

          I don't think you'll be able to do this in the same OSB instance, although I may be mistaken. If both proxy services have the same name, then OSB will try to export both of them with the same name and there won't be any way to distinguish between them. Is the interface the same between the versions? What do you expect the behavior to be, i.e., which service will get called when Tuxedo calls the service?

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect