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Is there a Java utility class to help with data management in a desktop UI?

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Is there a Java utility class to help with data management in a desktop UI?

I am writing a UI to configure a network device that will be connected to the serial port of the computer while it is being configured. There is no web server or database for my application. The UI has a large number of fields (50+) spread across 16 tabs. I will write the UI in Java FX. It should run inside the browser when launched, and issue commands to the network device through the serial port. A UI has several input fields spread across tabs and one single Submit button. If a field is edited, and the submit button clicked, it issues a command and sends the new datum to the device, retrieves current value and any errors. so if input field has bad data, it is indicated for example, the field has a red border.

Is there a standard design pattern or Java utility class to accomplish the frequently encountered, 'generic' parts of this scenario? lazy loading, submitting only what fields changed, displaying what fields have errors etc. (I dont want to reinvent the wheel if it is already there). Otherwise I can write such a class and share it back here if it is useful.

someone recommended JGoodies Bindings for Swing - will this work well and in FX?


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