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    Migrate ASM with asmlib to ASM without asmlib

      wonder if I will be able to mount asm disk in scenario like below:
      1. ASM with ASMlib - source .
      2 unmount
      3 present to other server
      4. Mount with ASM without ASMlib - target .

      Other words, does ASMlib matters in such case ?
      I'll use udev to make persistency and permisions .
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          Sebastian Solbach -Database Community-Oracle

          though I have not tried it, I cannot imagine a single thing, which would prevent you from doing this.

          ASMLIB only stamps the disks - which are the first few bytes on the ASM diskheader.
          However the "real" ASM metadata are on the bytes after that - and they include the information, which diskgroups the disks belong to etc.

          So yes this should work. (You only need another discovery string on the target ASM instance. ORCL:* won't work ;)

          Another indication that this works, is an error some user did in the past: They had problems using ASMLIB (mostly because they only installed 2 out of all 3 asmlib packages) and so used the workaround by using "/dev/oraclasm/*" as the discovery string. This circumvented the ASMLIB mechanic: not using the stamped ASMLIB disk header, but the device directly.

          So yes. This will work. Using UDEV and using another discovery string.

          However the other way around: Getting disks into ASMLIB disks, which were not stamped before, is more complicated.
          If all fails, what you can always do is remove one disks (with ASMLIB) from the diskgroup. Clean disk. Readd it with normal discovery string and UDEV back to the diskgroup. Then next disk. Even though this is onliny, I don't expect you will need this.

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