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    AME - Requisition Approvals - Vaction Rules (Delegate your response)


      Out Client have just upgraded to 12.1.3 and are using AME for their requisition approvals.

      We have stumbled across and problem where requisition status is Incomplete.

      Example Scenario

      1) Requisitioner Raises requisition for £100 on CC 1234 to be sent to Approver A
      2) Approver A (Approval authority 10,000 on CC 1234) Delegated to Approver B
      3) Approver B receives notification of approval and approves
      4) Requisitioner receives notification 'A problem has occurred during the approval of Purchase Requisition 30325'

      Requisition is now 'Incomplete'.

      As the Vaction Rule is standard functionality, I would still expect this to work. Approver A has correct authority and when no vaction rule is set he can approve this requisition.

      Has anyone seen this before?