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    VM Server for SPARC - Solaris OS Licensing

      I'm about to buy a new Sun SPARC T4-1 sever. This comes with Solaris 11 and Oracle VM for SPARC. Oracle have advised me that installing Solaris 10 in place of 11 is allowed and supported.

      Do I need to purchase an additional Solaris licence for each Solaris virtual machine we want to run on this server? I have tried to look this up on the Oracle website and not found any useful information in this regard.

      I want to consolidate different applications and Oracle databases running on a Fire v240 running Solaris 10 and an 280r running Solaris 8 onto the new server. At present I'm undecided as to whether Zones or VM Ldoms are the best way to achieve this. If we use VM for SPARC I would probably want to run two Solaris 10 virtual machines.
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          Liam Merwick-Oracle
          Licensing and Support is per system not per VM so you wouldn't incur any extra costs adding extra VMs to an existing system that is compliant but as per https://edelivery.oracle.com/EPD/FAQ/get_form?ARU_LANG=US#e11 you'd need to contact Oracle for a categorical answer to Licensing, etc.

          Note: it needn't be a choice between Zones and LDoms - you could use both, with a number of Zones within a domain...

          The P2V tool might also be useful: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35434_01/html/E23807/ldomsp2v.html#scrolltoc