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    Unit Testing - Import File Failed

      Hi All

      We're encountering a "quirky" error when trying to import a saved unit test suite XML. On database "A" we're able to import the file with no problems. But on database "B" the file is only partially imported. The message being:

      SEQUENCE: 82
      ELAPSED: 0
      SOURCE: oracle.dbtools.unit_test.UtRepositoryManager$SchemaTaskListener
      MESSAGE: Import from File failed: Import failed. Error saving SUITE_X. Import was successful for the following objects: SUITE_X.test_01

      Now, if I remove the XML between the SUITE's <startup> nodes from the file the import to database "B" works. After some investigation, it seems to be around the SUITE's <startup> node's child node <name> User PL/Sql Code </name> but I'm not 100% sure yet.

      The puzzling thing is that database "A" and database "B" sit on the same machine. The v$version information for both databases is the same.

      Any ideas ?

      Thanks in advance