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    Portlet registration error


      I'm trying to register a WSRP provider (on OAS) but I get this error:

      An error occurred during the call to the WSRP Provider: Java stack trace from root exception:
      cannot create message factory
      at oracle.webdb.wsrp.client.HTTPClientTransport.<init>(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.webdb.wsrp.client.design.v1.OraWSRP_v1_ServiceDescription_PortType.createStub(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.webdb.wsrp.client.design.v1.OraWSRP_v1_ServiceDescription_PortType.getServiceDescription(Unknown Source)

      I followed step by step the tutorial and when I use the following URL in a browser "http://serveur/my-portlet/portlets?WSDL" the wsdl information is returned.

      Somebody knows what this error means ?

      Best regards,

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