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    Get value from Dynamic component in JSF

      Hi All,

      I created the inputtext from backingbeans using following code

      BackingBean :
           private HtmlPanelGrid grid;
           public void setDynamicPanelGrid(UIComponent component) {
           this.grid = (HtmlPanelGrid) component;
      void dosome()
      Application app = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getApplication();
      HtmlInputText inputtext = (HtmlInputText) app.createComponent(HtmlInputText.COMPONENT_TYPE);
      grid.getChildren().add(inputtext );

      Jspx : <h:panelGrid binding="#{someBackingBean.dynamicPanelGrid}">

      i can create the inputtext successfully but i dont know how to get the entered values from this dynamic textbox

      Please can me to get the valuse from dynamic textbox

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