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    keyword search is displaying the duplicate image


      am facing a problem while i was passing a keyword search eg:shirts in ipad application(base is crs)

      http://localhost:8180/crs/storeus/adapter/searchService.jsp?txt=shirts(base is crs)

      for eg:

      IN Firefox

      i give a keyword like shirts in crs. its works fine, after that next tab i run my service(*http://localhost:8180/crs/storeus/adapter/searchService.jsp?txt=shirts*), its working fine

      eg 7 products in crs means same 7 products is display in my services

      <dsp:getvalueof var="totalResults" bean="QueryFormHandler.searchResponse.groupCount"/>

      <dsp:valueof value=${totalResults}/> 7

      its getting no duplication..

      now am running my service in another browser like IE

      here not running crs.only am running my service


      eg 7 products in crs means, here it may 8 or 9 products is display

      <dsp:valueof value=${totalResults}/> 8

      some of the products getting duplication..

      please suggest some points

      thanks in advance