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    4.2 reset image prefix sql error

      Using Oracle, ohs w/ mod_plsql

      My DB has two instances with two different versions of apex loaded. One is version 4.1.1 (working fine) and I decided to upgrade the other from 4.1.1 to 4.2. I created a new location entry in the dads.conf file in my ohs instance to point to the new 4.2 instance referencing a new image Alias on the server. When I installed APEX 4.2 I pointed the images directory parameter to the new Alias 'q' but it did not seem to work. All of the applications are still referencing /i/ and noticed that the reset_image_prefix.sql in the 4.2 apex utilities directory was not updated to reference the APEX_040200 schema.

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          I was able to get all of my applications to work by updating their FLOW_IMAGE_PREFIX in the WWV_FLOWS table to use the correct alias.

          I cannot access the main oracle apex builder login page, it never completes the redirect. I do see that I am creating a session in the WWV_FLOW_ACTIVITY_LOG1$ table.

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            After updating all applications FLOW_IMAGE_PREFIX to the correct alias, I found out that the 4.2 APEX instance was installed HTTPS required by default and that is why I was unable to reach the main login page ...

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              So this is bug?

              Could you please place steps to make that ?

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                I would say that there is a bug in that reset_image_prefix.sql under the utilities folder was not updated to support 4.2

                I would then suggest that the 4.2 installation documentation be updated to say that the apex instance is installed with HTTPS required by default.

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                  Patrick Wolf-Oracle
                  Hi Ricker,

                  I have filed bug# 14785456 for the problem with reset_image_prefix.sql script. As a workaround and if you haven't already done so, please change the two occurrences of APEX_040100 to APEX_040200 and run the script again to correctly initialize the package wwv_flow_image_prefix.

                  BTW, the reset_image_prefix.sql script will not change the "Image Prefix" attribute of your applications, it just deals with the instance default and the APEX Builder application. But granted, we should have something in place to do it for customer applications as well. I have filed bug# 14786091 for that.

                  We are not able to reproduce that after installation, HTTPS is required. Is it possible that your previous installation had this set to Yes? Because in that case it would be migrated over.

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                    Thank you Patrick,

                    Yes, I made the change to the script and it worked. As for the HTTPS issue, that instance may have had it set previous to upgrade, we are testing apex with OAM ...

                    Thanks again.