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    Displaying range of weeks dynamically

      I have a report in my dashboard which displays progress for different projects for every week.

      Requirement is like . I need to display range of weeeks like Previous 4 weeks, current weeks and next 4 weeks
      when i Open the dashboard.

      I also need Week No Prompt which will override the week range.

      Challenge is that. Each project will have different current week. Based on the project the user select in the prompt
      we need to get the current week and display the week range. and Week No prompt should be able to override it..

      any way to achieve this

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          I would suggest to pick column Week and the date columns in the prompt and set date as contraint to week.
          For date column use expression min(date) and set Presentation variable as D
          In the report get the date and use filter between as below
          ast(Time.Date as date) between date '@{D}{2010-01-01}' and TimeStampAdd(SQL_TSI_WEEK,4,date '@{D}{2010-01-01}')

          This would show the 4 weeks, and the rest do changes as per you requirements

          Any issues let me know, if helps pls mark as correct
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            I dont have calender week or financial week.. Its project week week number for each project will varry..

            Based on the project we select in the prompt the corresponding current week, Previous 4 weeks and next 4 weeks needs to be displayed