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    10g BPEL process upgrade to 11g hangs in Jdeveloper and Ant script

      I have successfully upgraded several 10g ( BPEL processes and ESB services using Jdeveloper 11g ( migration wizard and deployed them to an 11g environment. Both 10g and 11g environments are up and running.

      However, my 11g jdeveloper hangs when migrating the next BPEL process. It hangs at the message box with the title: "Migration Status". I tried the Ant script and it hangs too. It hangs after printing out:

      [upgrade] WARNING: UPGBPEL-02009: No Binding setup for : "soapCheckPrivileges"
      . This will cause compilation of the upgraded project to fail. Check SOA Upgrade
      documentation on manual steps necessary to bind this composite reference. If ne
      cessary, upgrade and deploy any dependencies. If planning to retain 1013x nodes
      in this projects dependency tree, check earlier part of this log for 1013x WSDL
      URLs that can be used."

      I guess it makes sense since Jdeveloper and Ant script use the same code base for migration.

      One other observation is that if I kill the hanging jdeveloper process and reopen it and go through the migration wizard again, it will be successful without hanging. However, when I fix all the wsdl reference and do a build and deploy to sar. The resulting sar is defective and cannot be deployed to Weblogic even if both build and deploy to sar report success. The defective sar contains only scac.log and scac-log.xml, not even composite.xml.

      One difference between this BPEL process and others I have successfully upgraded is that it depends on an ESB service (this esb service has been upgraded and deployed to 11g).

      Any ideas?