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    captureVideo PhoneGap API invocation from Java

    Hiroshi K

      I trying to capture video from Java with PhoneGap API(navigator.device.capture.captureVideo).
      In Java, PhoneGap API can call to use "invokeContainerJavaScriptFunction" method on "oracle.adfmf.framework.api.AdfmfContainerUtilities".

      In my device, video capture screen starts normally and capture will be successful.
      But I have no way to get result of video capture.
      Because captureVideo method will be run asynchronously and need to pass callback function to get result.

      Does anyone have good idea?

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          Joe Huang
          Hi, Hiroshi, my apologies for taking so long to respond. Currently you would need to embed all the JavaScript calls into a Local HTML feature, and then capture/display your video in a local HTML feature. You can then navigate between AMX and local HTML based feature using the gotoFeature Java method and JavaScript API.


          Joe Huang