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    to setup new siebel testing environment in windows

    sasikumar ramamoorthy
      Hi all,

      I am new to siebel server administation.

      Planning to setup current Siebel development setup in new test environment. Whether it is possible to setup new test environment same like development. If yes, for this what are files required from development environment? Please help on this.

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          if you use a development environment configuration to configure a test environment, you need compare the Siebel Components (Administration - Server Components) and cfg file. (.\bin). After this, you need import the development parameters to test environment.

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            1. install siebel
            2. compare the components and copy and create any custom components from Dev (dont forget to compare the parameters ex. max tasks, min tasks, config file etc)
            3. copy these files from Dev

            siebsrvr/object/enu/siebel_sia.srf (or siebel.srf depends on which version siebel you are trying to setup)


            compare the default parameters for eapps.cfg on both the servers.

            the directory structure I have shown is from solaris, but this should be similar in windows except for "\".