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    Native web services - Generate proper WSDL file with XSD (XMLType)

    Gaurang Patel
      Hello -

      We're using Oracle Native web service. We're using Oracle function to return XMLType in the return message in web service call

      When we generate WSDL file it just shows XMLType and not the XSD with data elements

      How can we generate proper WSDL with XSD

      Here is the SQL we've in the function. We use SQLX functions to generate the XML.

      Appreciate any help

      Line: -----

      XMLElement ("Maharaj",
      XMLELEMENT ("Employee",
      /* XMLAttributes('http://www.oracle.com/emp_simple.xsd' AS "xmlns",
      'http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance' AS "xmlns:xsi",
      AS "xsi:schemaLocation"),*/
      XMLForest(e.employee_id AS "EmployeeId",
      e.last_name AS "Name",
      e.job_id AS "Job",
      e.manager_id AS "Manager",
      e.hire_date AS "HireDate",
      e.salary AS "Salary",
      e.commission_pct AS "Commission",
      XMLForest(d.department_id AS "DeptNo",
      d.department_name AS "DeptName",
      d.location_id AS "Location") AS "Dept")
      ) into return_value
      FROM hr.employees e, hr.departments d
      WHERE e.department_id = d.department_id

      Line: -----