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    gather statistics in parallel on schema

      I a trying to gather stats in parallel on a schema in which tables are OLTP compressed

      The command I use

      DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.set_module ('Gather Stats', user);
      DBMS_STATS.GATHER_SCHEMA_STATS(ownname=>'schemaname', DEGREE=>64, estimate_percent => DBMS_STATS.AUTO_SAMPLE_SIZE, method_opt => 'FOR ALL COLUMNS SIZE AUTO', CASCADE => TRUE, GRANULARITY => 'AUTO');

      I see blocker with wait event=PX DEQ: Execution Msg
      Waiter with wait event= PX Deq: Execute Reply

      When I run ASH report all I see is : IPC send completion sync

      anybody see this issue on on x2-2 half rack

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          Dave M.-Oracle
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            1. Are you having a performance problem, or are you just curious about these wait events? These are "normal" wait events when running parallel query
            2. Are you using CONCURRENT stats?