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    Selecting Two Data Labels for 3D Bar chart

      Hi ,

      I have used 3D Bar Chart for my view, while selecting Data labels in Properties tab and selecting both VALUE and PERCENTAGE for numeric Amount field. The display values and percetages are as 56,667,555 , 23 % on the top of bar.

      Where as, required is $ 56 M, 23 % ( reduced to $ Millions ) and i have also tried to change the value format for Amount to currency( reduced to millions ) but its changing the value of PERCENTAGE instead of VALUE data labels.

      If only VALUE data label is selected its working fine but the requirement to show both VALUE ( in $ M) and PERCENTAGE as data label on bar.

      Current : 56,667,555 , 23 %

      Expected : $ 56 M, 23 %

      Please suggest how to handle it as i am struggling to solve from last week but had no luck !!

      Abhinav Gupta