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    Error while configuring Oracle Forms and Reports 11g

      I have been trying to install oracle forms and reports from last 5 days.
      I have installed weblogic server 10.3.6
      and trying to install forms and reports 11.1.2

      Earlier while installing I did not configure it as it was giving some error so I just installed it but not again I have to configure it and I am getting the same error its as follows:-

      INST-07286: Specified Oracle Middleware home location does not have version of WebLogic server. If the version is incorrect then configuring with the Weblogic server will fail.
      Provide a Oracle Middleware home location which contains WebLogic server with version or upgrade the Weblogic server to and restart the install.

      I have latest version of WLS but still its not accepting.

      Please help me guys , struggled a lot for it...What shall I do?