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    Unable to query attribute having systimestamp data type in queue payload

    Haider Hussain

      My current queue payload type has a component having timestamp datatype.
      Eg : my_queue_payload(attr1 varchar2(100),
      attr_timestamp timestamp);

      I have successfully managed to query the component attr1 using the below query on the queue table(my_queue_tab)

      select a.user_data.attr1 from my_queue_tab a where a.msgid = 'AAABBBCCC1234';

      However, I am unable to query the component attr_timestamp using the above query due to Oravle error 'invalid identifier'.

      I have the following queries with respect to the above issue :

      1. I am unable to query attr1 if i dont provide an alias for the queue table, please let me know the reason why ?
      2. I am unable to use any Oracle function on attr1 , please let me know the reason why ?
      3. How I can query attr_timestamp ?

      Could you please help.

      Thanks in advance.