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    SQL Developer cloud login - Unexpected token NUMERIC_VALUE encountered

      Dear all

      I have set up a cloud database, the database is activated. I have reset the published sftp user which was sent by mail and a new user in APEX interface is created, the groups are attached.

      Now for cloud new connection in SQL Developer
      -> Username = my new created user
      -> URL= https://database-trialabsw.db.us1.oraclecloudapps.com/apex/
      -> SFTP-Username = provided by mail, password changed in Identity console
      -> SFTP-Hostname = sftp.us1.cloud.oracle.com

      When I want to connect, i am prompted with username set above, but if I enter the password which is set, a popup with this error message will be shown:
      Unexpected token NUMERIC_VALUE encountered

      I have create user as document in "Data Movement...." and i have seen the blog from Kris, but same error. Can you help me?

      Here is the error log from SQL Developer:

      Unexpected token NUMERIC_VALUE encountered at oracle.dbtools.raptor.cloud.auth.basic.BasicAuthenticationHandler.readProperty(BasicAuthenticationHandler.java:221)

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