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    Not a Valid NCName

      Hi all,

      anyone got the warning message in forge.log like the following:

      Root dimension value name 'MP3/4_%XE8%Z&%..........' for dimension 'MP3/4_%XE8%Z&%..........' is not a valid NCName.

      There should be some Chinese character. and only one dimension has such problem, other dimensions show Chinese Characters successfully.

      Any idea?

      Thank you
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          Dan at Branchbird
          Your dimension names must be NCName compliant, which means the can only contain letters, numbers, and the special characters hypen (-), underscore (_), and period (.). Whitespace and all other special characters are forbidden.
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            Pravin Chikhale
            NCName is convention used in XML. If dimension name not following this convention, it can throw error while validating it against schema.

            For more detailed information in NCName please read Chapter 2. Using the Endeca Query Language, page no. 20 on AdvDevGuide.pdf