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    Inserting Multiple .DBF files

    Chanchal Wankhade
      Hi All,

      Below is the procedure what i am doing currently....

      (.DBF files are having records like in excel)

      1) I get 30 .dbf files which i keep on oracle directory (Oracle directory is created).

      2) after pasting all the files on oracle directory, I have 30 Functions and i execute them for importing data from .DBF file to oracle table (it import files one by one).

      3) then i execute procedure which insert or update the records based on condition mention in procedure.

      All above i am doing one by one.._

      Now I need to do it at once so it will take lesser time to insert or update.  Ofcourse there are constraint on the tables that also be taken into consideration._

      My question is is it Possible to do so?_