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    How can we create Desktop and include Books, Pages, Portlets in Webcenter

      Our company is currently equipped with Weblogic Portal (WLP) 10.3.2. I'm part fo the team in preparing a migration approach study to Oracle Webcenter (OWC).

      In WLP 10.3.2 we are using JSF, WSRP and 286 portlets. Hence most of it can be reused in OWC.

      Regarding run time customisation just like in Weblogic Portal administration+ console where we can create desktop and include books, pages, portlets in Portal, can we achieve the same in Oracle Webcenter through Webcenter Portal administration_ console or Spaces is needed ?

      While going through Oracle documentation I found the foll. thing "Composer in WebCenter Portal has been leveraged extensively inside Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces to allow users to customize and personalize spaces."

      I'm not clear if I should use Webcenter Portal administration console (or) Spaces (or) Composer ?

      Any helpful pointers / links would be helpful.

      Thanks for the helping heart in advance.