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    Installing Oracle 11gR2 Standard Edition on WINDOWS Server 2008R2 with ASM


      I want to setup Oracle 11g DB ( Standard Edition on Windows Server 2008R2 x64 bit with ASM Instance. I would appreciate if you could suggest me with the following little but important questions.

      The following link from Oracle doesnt have db version for windows x64 bit. Do a patch (which I think is a complete installation) is needed to install after installing or I can directly install

      Secondly, I have no such experience regarding installing and setting up ASM Instance on windows. How many disks or etc is needed for ASM (as ASM disks). One of the admin guy said, he has 6 disks (2 for OS and 6 you can use for Oracle or ASM so so). Could you please suggest, how should I divide the disk partitions of what should I say no idea :(

      Also, do ASM instance (diskgroups,disks) should be setup before creating DB (through dbca?)

      I was thinking like:
      - Installing Oracle software
      - Creating ASM disks,diskgroups,instance,etc
      - Creating DB (using dbca?), isnt' it?

      Bundle of thanks in advance.

      Best Regards