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    Industry - Picklist (Read-Only)

      I need to add additional industry selections to CRM-On Demand R20 but it's a read-only pick list. Is there a way to ad to the list of values for this field? I recall enabling and disabling values in this picklist prior to R20 but don't know if it can't be done any longer or if I've just forgotten how to get to it.
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          At this moment I do not have an English version available, but industries can be specified in a separate section in the administration screen. In the administration screen it is the fourth option in the right list (probably called something like data-rules and assignment) In the following screen it is the last option in the left column. (Probably industry definition)
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            Try inserting the new values through a batch program.
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              In the standard English edition, you can add/disable Industry values from here:

              Admin->Data Rules & Assignment -> Industry Definition-> New.

              If you have a lot of values to be modified you can use web services and download the WSDL (Web Services Administration -> Admin Services -> Industry Definition WSDL)and do a batch load.

              Hope it helps.