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    initMapView: Type 'null' is null or not object

      I am new to obiee. any help is appreciated.

      I have an analysis using oracle spatial operator configured in RPD. It returns all addresses (Latitude/Longitude) based on zipcode and distance. It works find in RPD and OBIEE.

      I have created an anlaysis using the columns from the analysis that is configured in RPD, the data is returned fine in a table component. However, when I added the data to a map component using (Custom Point Layer), I am getting the following error (*initMapView: Type 'null' is null or not object*). The map does not show the data unless it is refreshed couple of times.

      I have been trying to figure out what is causing the issue for the past couple of days, but can NOT figure it out yet. I would really appreciated if someone would help.

      OBIEE version is BP1.

      Thank you,