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    Upgrade to Hyperion Enterprise - Performance Issues

      We are testing an upgrade to Hyperion Enterprise We have applied the Update 2 patch which I believe officially takes the version to In testing reports and consolidation between the new version and the old 6.4.1 version of Enterprise, we are seeing a delay in how long it take reports to generate and for Consolidation to complete. With reports, we see the delay specifically when running large reports that pull a lot of data.

      Currently, our 6.4.1 Hyperion application is installed on a Win2003 server and our users access Hyperion via Citrix. The version is installed on a Win2008 server and is being accessed through Citrix.

      To isolate this issue, we loaded Hyperion locally on a server and the timed some reports. The 6.5 reports take just as long to run as on our current v6.4 platform. So, it appears there is a performance issue running 6.5 enterprise through Citrix. Has any one else experienced this type problem or have any suggestions. We have been referred to numerous performance tuning notes from Hyperion support but nothing seems help.