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    Oracle Text - Section Group Parameter


      Has anyone had success with creating a text index using the section group parameter? The problem that I am having is when I create my text index and perform a query using Score, I do not get the correct results back.

      select score(1) from mybaby where contains(name,'Mommy',1)>0;
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          Roger Ford-Oracle
          Yes, many people have. You need to be a bit more explicit about what you're trying to do - at a minimum we'd want to see your CREATE_SECTION_GROUP command and the CREATE INDEX statement.

          Your query isn't using a section - I'll make a wild guess and say that perhaps you've added a FIELD_SECTION to your section group, but you haven't set the VISIBLE parameter to "Y". If that's the case you might find "Mommy WITHIN sectionname" but not just "Mommy".