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    JVMD Manager and Agent

      I've read the OEM Cloud Control Basic Installation Guide on JVMD Manager and Agent. I am looking to see whether I need to set this up or not. Also, am I understanding the basics.

      We have a Siebel CRM Application that is using Oracle BI for Reporting. According to our Siebel Administrator, the installation involved installing JDK. He says that Siebel uses Java to make calls to Oracle BI. The JVM Diagnostics would enable us to capture these calls and determine when we have latency or if there there is a problem in the calls and where the problem may be. Is this correct?

      There are two peices 1) JVMD Manager and 2) JVMD Agent.

      JVMD Manager
      The JVMD Manager is deployed on the Weblogic Server that is part of the OEM Cloud Control domain. Oracle recommends that you do not deploy other applications to the managed server on which the JVMD Manager is deployed. Does this mean that its ok to deploy JVMD Manager on same host as OMS as long as we don't host another application? I think this is against oem 12c licensing unless you pay for licensing the Weblogic server separately.

      JVMD Agent
      Agent can only be deployed to managed server. Does this mean managed target? It includes the OEM 12c Clould Contol system. How do I setup to monitor system where Siebel/Oracle BI/JDK is installed?

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          No, you wouldn't normally deploy JVM diagnostics into a Siebel environment, but that is an option obviously for those running WLS or OC4J. There is nothing specific in there for Siebel, but certainly the deep thread analysis may be of value. I assume you are currently taking advantage of our Siebel and OBIEE management features included in Application Management Suite for Siebel and Management Pack for OBIEE.

          As for deploying it to one of those platforms, we do have a Getting Started with FMW Management guide:

          In addition, we have some self-running demos on OTN and YouTube which walk you through the deployment:

          Deploying JVMD and/or ADP Managers:

          Deploying JVMD and/or ADP Agents to managed server targets:

          In addition, there is a free Best Practices for Middleware Management online self-paced course that may be of interest if you are interested in WLS and FMW management:

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            PP. 8-8
            Java EE-based Siebel Components
            You can only use the following pages against Java EE-based Siebel Servers running Siebel self-service applications. You must obtain a full use license of the Oracle Middleware Management Pack to manage custom applications running on Java EE containers.
            ■All pages in Oracle JVM Diagnostics are licensed features of Application Management Suite for Siebel.
            ■All pages in WebLogic Server are licensed features of the Application Management Suite for Siebel.
            ■All pages in the OC4J-based Oracle Internet Application Server are licensed features of the Application Management Suite for Siebel.

            JVM Diagnostics pages are licensed for Java EE-based Siebel Servers running Siebel self-service applications (e-billing, e-commerce, iStore, e-support) so there are Siebel Environments that may want JVM Diagnostics installed. I believe you are correct in our case.

            We have Siebel Call Center, Siebel eSales and Oracle BI (license with Siebel). Oracle BI reports can be embedded in Siebel Application. The call uses Java. I know the JDK was installed along with the Oracle BI Publisher on a separate server. Your saying that we should use Management Pack for OBIEE. I do agree that this would be the main way to monitor and manage OBIEE. It's interesting that OBIEE has a license use with Siebel for Reports yet they haven't included a way to administer with Application Management Suite for Siebel.

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              I corrected and clarified my earlier response. You can use JVM diagnostics against those particular Siebel servers as part of the suite as well as the WebLogic Server and OC4J target pages. The links sent earlier in regards to the documentation and self-running demos should be helpful in getting started.
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                Does everyone who is licensed to install OEM 12c Cloud Control also have the right to install JVM Diagnostics to monitor and troubleshoot WLS and OC4J targets related to Cloud Control? Is there a need to install this for WLS and OMS (OC4J container) or are the existing monitoring tools sufficient?

                Getting back to my most important question.

                Would this be beneficial to install for by Siebel to OBI installation? I don't know what other are doing to monitor and troubleshoot this area of connectivity. I do understand that you have indicated that Management Pack for OBIEE would help.

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                  No, you have to license a management pack/suite that includes JVM diagnostics to take advantage of the feature against your targets. It is definitely a key feature, particularly for those using it against the containers you mentioned. The deep thread visibility and heap analysis can easily pinpoint issues that would otherwise be extremely difficult to detect and diagnose in a production environment. Basically, this is going to be valuable for any application running in a Java container (or even a standalone JVM) in regards to production level diagnostics.

                  For OBIEE, I would definitely recommend using the OBIEE management functionality first and foremost as it was designed specifically to monitor and manage OBIEE which has very platform context specific monitoring needs. However, that doesn't mean though that other packs such as WLS Management Pack EE might not also provide additional visibility into the environment.