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        Well that's good news :)
        Unfortunately I'm not able to create an Angstrom image based on 2012.05 :(
        Because I'm not a Linux kernel hacker I'm not able to create such an image by myself and the images from the online builder did not work with my beagleboard xm.
        So what I really need is an Angstrom image made for the beagleboard xm based on 2012.05, so if anybody is able to create such an image I would be more than happy.


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          Thanks Gerrit,

          > Please find the image I used for this on my dropbox: http://t.co/GfPCOhuj

          You just did what we wanted to do, but are not allowed to.
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            I really appreciate the work of the Java FX Embedded team and the great work they've done since the announcement of Java FX Embedded. I know that you guys are in a kind of awkward situation when it comes to binaries. I remember some funny situations during the meet and greet with the FX Team @ J1, when we offered some prebuild linux binaries to speed up processes. I hope we can back you up a bit in this kind of situations, just give us some hints or instructions and let the community do the rest. What the JavaFX for ARM preview really needs is a new tuturial. If you follow the instructions step by step you get a broken image, or a board without sgx support. Maybe Gerrit can give you some detailed instructions.
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              Hi there,

              I'm in contact with the JavaFX team and at the moment I'm building an angstrom kernel that should make it possible to run the beagleboard xm with support for touchscreen lcd devices (only the 2 that are mentioned on the Oracle page). As soon as I'll have the kernel running on my setup I will post the image and will create a blogpost that will explain how I did it.
              So just give me a couple more days... :)


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                Han.solo I have you tried kernel 3.6rc7 or 3.7rc2. There pretty easy to make just read the readme on this git https://github.com/RobertCNelson/linux-dev.
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