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    Certview Published Credentials arriving in garbled format

      Hi, Looked for a while on this forum and couldn't find this. When I provide an email address for my credentials to be published to (i.e. prospective employer) all that arrives is a garbled email full of broken links and html code.

      Here is a sample of the email received:

      font></td></tr></br><tr><td colspan=2 ><font
      face=Arial size=2>From: Oracle Certification Program Verification Services
      Authorization Code</td></tr></br></br><tr><td colspan=2 ><font face=Arial
      size=2>Subject: Oracle Certification Program Credential Verification for
      *************</font></td></tr></br></br><tr><td colspan=2 ><img
      colspan=2 ><font face=Arial size=2>Authorized and requested by:*************</font></td></tr></br></br><tr><td><font face=Arial size=2>You
      received instructions in a separate email on how to access the Oracle
      Certification Program credentials that************has authorized you to
      view. This communication contains the authorization code that you will need
      to access the URL you received
      separately.<br> </font></td></tr></br></br><tr><td><font face=Ari!
      al size=2>Authorization

      This was sent to me by a prospective employer from the email they received. The asterisks represent where I have removed my real name from the text. Is there a known issue with publishing credentials from Certview?

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