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    OSB Alerts - Email Content

    Jamie Adams
      Hi All,

      Is it possible to control ALL of the content that is sent out on an OSB Alert (email)?

      We have a scenario where if there is an error occurring in a certain proxy, then we handle the error, but also send an email alert to a specific group of email recipients.

      The content of this email includes some properties that are easily configurable (Alert Summary, Severity, Alert Payload etc), but also some that appear to be automatically generated (Service Name, Server Name , Domain Name etc) that are probably not required for the specific audience.

      Example email that is generated:
      'Service Name: ServiceManager/proxy_services/ManageNotifications/ServiceName
      Alert Summary: Oracle Service Bus Alert
      Alert Destination: ServiceManager/alert/DefaultEmailAlertDesitination
      Severity: critical
      Alert Timestamp: Tue Oct 23 11:46:28 BST 2012
      Server Name: ServerName
      Domain Name: DomainName
      Alert Payload:

      For The Attention of XXXXXX - XXXXX Team,

      Please find details of XXXXXXXXX:


      Is there any way to control these / remove the unwanted properties?

      Thanks in advance,